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Department of Applied Science

Department at Glance

Known For: Best Applied Science teaching faculty & well equipped laborites in Bhopal, MP, Central India
Dept of MCA SIRT Bhopal

Code : Applied Science
Year of Establishment: 2008
Research Publications: 125+
Highly Qualified Faculty Members
First Year Classes Management is done by Applied Science Department

Applied Science

The Department is well equipped to impart knowledge for all round development of students along with core subjects like Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Applied Mathematics and Professional Communication with the aim to imbibe students with scientific bend of mind and aptitude. Applied Sciences and Humanities play a vital and essential role in technical education. Almost every topic taught during lectures has a corresponding laboratory experiment. SIRTE pays great attention to its laboratories and equipments. The laboratories provide ample practical experience and facilitate the students to apply what all they have learned. All laboratories are fully equipped to conduct the experiments as per the syllabus of the RGPV University.


The aim of department is to make students as a product of community by nurturing intellectual and curiosity by expanding the use of technology in all streams of engineering. It focuses and facilitates extra ordinary classroom environment and career opportunities for graduates.


Our mission is to provide excellence in professional educational environment. We make students realize their full potential through education and research. It accomplishes its mission by fostering an integrated and personalize learning environment.