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Research & Development Task Group


The Sagar Institute of Research & Technology-Excellence which was established in 2008 has been active in research activities since its inception. The teaching faculty members of various departments have been actively involved in various R&D activities. Most of the senior professors have doctorate qualifications. Many new faculty members have also been conferred upon PhD degrees from the universities of National repute. This Galaxy of professors not only do R&D activities throughout the year but all the same they guide PhD and MTech scholars, conduct training for the new aspiring faculty members, develop the projects and apply the patents, publish various research papers, conduct national and International conferences, etc. Our professors also visit to the different institute for fostering the techniques of research methods in different institutes. SIRTe has given an open opportunity to all the professors to attend international conferences around the world.

Dr. Minal Saxena
Dy Director SIRT
Group Coordinator
Dr Rajiv Srivastava
Director SIRT  
Dr. Vikas S. Pagey
Director SIRT-E  
Dr. Jitendra Banweer
Director SIRTS-P  
Prof. D.P. Gupta
Institute Coordinators
Dr. Alok Agrawal
Institute Coordinators
Dr. N.P.S. Sengar
(SGI Pharmacy & MBA Coordinators)
International Conference

The SGI has recognition of conducting an International Conference- ‘ICIREMPS’ every year, normally in the month of February. Many professors from the different part of the world take part in this event. The conference is organized for three days where the state of the art development of technology has been brain stormed. A complete souvenir of the conference has been published. This conference has a history of presenting and publishing more than 400 research papers in a year. It creates great opportunity to learn new topics for the teachers and students of Bhopal, (MP) India.

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Research Publications

Publishing a research paper is a symptom of growth of a teacher. That is how not only he learns new research methods but also he becomes more confidants in teaching the students. The Sagar Group of Institutions is highly blessed in this area. A large number of professors are engaged in research activities in publishing research papers in international journals including SCI Indexed, Scopus, etc. On in average more than 100 quality research papers are published in a year.

Scholarly Output

The professors of Sagar Group of Institutions (SIRTe) Bhopal are guiding the PhD scholars through universities of national reputes. They have the PhD scholars from not only Madhya Pradesh but from other states too. We follow all rules and regulations of registering university. So far, we have been able to enable more than 35 PhD degrees to our scholars.
Sagar Group of Institutions as several courses in Post Graduate programs in different departments through RGPV. The MTech students have to complete their dissertation work in final semester for the project they undertake. The level of these projects is very high. So far, we have enabled more 300 MTech degrees completed in different branches.


As we have already mentioned that our group is quite active in research activity. Apart from being involved in academic program like MTech and PhD our galaxy of professors is also working on development part also. For this development task they prepare the projects which are required by the various research agencies of India. They submit these projects to these agencies for approval of grant. We have a good quotient of acceptance for these projects.

In-House Training

SIRTe conducts in-house trainings to promote the research work of our budding teachers. It helps them to find newly emerging research areas to update their knowledge with the current scenarios of technological world. Updated knowledge of our faculty members also benefits to our students marching together along the world with up-to-date knowledge in the near future.

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Dr. Minal Saxena
Dy Director SIRT
Group Coordinator