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Department of Computer Science and Engineering - Data Science

Department at Glance

Known for: Top CSE- Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Department for Placement in Bhopal, MP
Top Engineering College in Bhopal MP Central India
Code: CSE - Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
Year of Establishment: 2021
UG Students: 60
Total Intake: 60
Research Publications: 150+
Highly Qualified Faculty Members

Why you should Choose Computer Science And Engineering - Data Science ?

The Computer Science & Engineering Department of Sagar Institute of Research & Technology Excellence (SIRTE), Bhopal offers you the most recognized Artificial intelligence and Data Science up skill the students to perform intelligent data analytics that is a key component in a number of real-world applications. Data science has been emerging as one of the dynamic, high-growth and lucrative career options in tech industries. Our aim is to prepare students to become industry-ready and knowledgeable, to pursue careers as data analysts, data scientists and solve major problems related to the field of machine learning, statistics, knowledge discovery and visualization. We help students excel in the field of computer science, applications and systems with sound knowledge, skills, and practice.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science:

  • In Google Map
  • In Education
  • In E-commerce
  • In Driver less Vehicles
  • In Finger print Analysis
  • In Game Playing
  • In Robotics
  • In Health care
  • Natural language (NLP, NLG, NLU)
  • In Computer vision