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Diploma of Mechanical Engineering


Programme Outcomes (POs)
PO 1:Diploma holders will demonstrate the ability to use basic knowledge in mathematics, science and engineering and apply them to solve problems specific to mechanical engineering.
PO 2:Diploma holders will develop an open mind and have an understanding of the impact of engineering on society and demonstrate awareness of contemporary issues.
PO 3:Diploma holders will demonstrate an understanding of their professional and ethical responsibilities, and use technology for the benefit of mankind.
PO 4:Diploma holders will able to communicate effectively in both verbal and written forms.
PO 5: Diploma holders will have the confidence to apply engineering solutions in global contexts.
PO 6: Diploma holders will become capable of self-education and clearly understand the value of life-long learning.
Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):
PEO 1:To enable Diploma holders to be successful in pursuing higher studies in engineering or management.
PEO 2: To produce Diploma holders who are effective in communication, and are able to work in competitive team environments of national and international organizations.
PEO 3: To produce Diploma holders who will function in their profession with social awareness and responsibility in contributing to the economic growth of the country.
Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)
PSO 1:The Mechanical Engineering Diploma Students will be able to function in software industry in the areas of Design and development of software tools such as AUTO CAD, Solid works, Ansys.
PSO 2:The Mechanical Engineering Diploma Students will be able to Work in power plants and manufacturing industry in the sphere of operation and maintenance.
PSO 3:The Mechanical Engineering Diploma Students acquire technical and managerial skill that make them an employable graduate.
PSO 4:The Mechanical Engineering Diploma Students acquire theoretical background of each course that they are capable of applying it for solving real-time (Physical) problems.